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2010 Calendar

July 3 - Schertz, Texas - Schertz 85th Jubilee

July 12 - Pottsboro, Texas - Prothro Retreat Center Summer Camp

July 22 - Addison, Texas - Mother's Day Out Program

July 24 - Greenville, Texas - Audie Murphy Museum Show

October 2 - Tyler, Texas - Vet Clinic Open House

October 23 - Waxahachie, Texas - Texas Country Reporter Festival


To all who have sent their condolences by letter, phone call, e-mail and guestbook entry.

Barbara and I have read each and every one of the condolences sent to us and we really appreciate the fact that Skidboot touched so many people. Like I said in the Texas Country Reporter story, I don’t know why this happened to me, but, because of all your responses, I sure am glad it did. 

I consider Skidboot’s passing a positive thing; as for him, he had no regrets in his life. He had a very fulfilled and significant journey. He had been in 38 states, appeared on every major talk show, and we have lots of video footage yet to go through that will be available soon. 

My favorite Skidboot memories are when seniors smiled or little children laughed or when Skidboot snuggled up to a handicapped or old person. The bond between Skidboot and me seemed more important than the tricks he did. I guess what I am trying to say is, the impact Skidboot had on people’s lives makes me very much aware of the great gift that was given to Barbara and me. 

I plan to share this great gift by doing a movie of his life. Oh, yes, I am doing a movie. Call it my mid-life crises or a sense of duty to Skidboot’s legacy; in any case, I’m doing it. So get ready! People wanting to get involved should feel free to contact me. 

Thank you all, again. I can’t explain how much it means to us to have this much love as a result of Skidboot’s graduation.


David Hartwig
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Skidboot is at rest, the bell of time having made its inevitable toll. It sounded Sunday evening, March 25, 2007 at his only home of more than fourteen years in Quinlan, Texas. Following a solemn remembrance of his remarkable life, his body was laid to rest along with a favorite toy, beneath an oak tree on the property he had helped to purchase. In attendance were Barbara, David, Brenda, Oliver, and Marshmallow. The heirs to Skidboot’s legacy looked on as Tie Down, Little Skidboot, and Bois D’Arc also observed the ceremony. Two pieces of Austin limestone were placed as a memorial.

Barbara and David request that Skidboot be remembered by a donation to your local animal shelter in Skidboot’s name.
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Heard around the barn at Skidboot’s and Friends place:

What do you get when you cross a gorilla with Einstein? . . . Harry Reasoner
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