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 To Order Contact David at : 903.268.0130

Click Here For Photo of Skidboot's Final Resting Place
DavidAnnivNote Click Here For Photo of Skidboot's Final Resting Place
Best of Skidboot DVD

"Skidboot is the smartest dog I've ever seen."
Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

This is the DVD that has everyone talking about the antics of
Skidboot and David

 To Order Contact David at : 903.268.0130

"The Best of Skidboot"

Skidboot's New DVD contains ALL of Skidboot's tricks,
rare footage from home videos and TV appearances.
You asked for it. Two years in the making, Skidboot has answered your requests with one last love letter, to his fans, from the heart. This is an amazing compilation DVD of Skidboot's performances from throughout the years, at Rodeos, on TV and just fooling around at home. This entertaining documentary contains the entire live act of Skidboot and David. See the whole show as even Oprah, Jay Leno, and David Letterman couldn't show it. See the star of Animal Planet's first season of "Pet Star" and "Inside Edition" doing all of the tricks and jokes that have delighted audiences all over the country for the last 10 years. See Skidboot do "Copy Me", "When I Say Please", "When I Count to Three", "Don't Eat That", "CPR (Cowboy Puppy Resuscitation)", "Tag My Hand", "Answer the Phone", and others. David Hartwig and friends of Skidboot tell hilarious Skidboot stories. Also, see Skidboot's companion, Bois D'Arc, do some really funny performing of his own. Meet David's new trick horse and even a trick fish !!! Shed a tear as David describes the onset of Skidboot's blindness. This is your chance to own a collection of his best performances, to enjoy and share them for many years to come.

"Skidboot: Making Friends is...funny, wholesome, and sweetly corny...a real kid pleaser."
Jane Sumner, Dallas Morning News

Skidboot: Making Friends is a 20 minute children’s video that’s fun for the whole family.

This is now available in VHS or DVD format.

 To Order Contact David at : 903.268.0130

Making Friends Video

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